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Furry Finances Banks Make Saving Fun!

New from Ted E. Makers, Furry Finances are a whimsical take on classic piggy banks.

Available in several varieties, including bears, dogs, elephants, lions, cows, lambs and of course, pigs, each 15” snuggly saver features a clear, plastic globe in the center of its belly and a coin slot at the crown of its head.

The creative twist: Every time a coin is dropped in the slot, the bank announces its thanks with a model-appropriate sound (“Baa” for the lamb, “Moo” for the cow). The toy’s belly can even be customized with your name.

“I am always on the lookout for unique, interesting products, “says Lori Gaon, President of Ted E. Makers. “When I came across Furry Finances I knew that kids, my 3-year-old daughter included, would love them; and as she gets a bit older, the bank will be a fun way to teach her the value of saving.”

Furry Finances banks retail for $29.99 including personalization and are available for purchase at

During this upcoming holiday season, Ted E. Makers is offering its customers an introductory discount of 10% on all purchases. Just enter “furry2006” at checkout.

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About Ted E. Makers
Founded in 2002, Ted E. Makers specializes in customizable, make-your-own stuffed animals as well as pre-made plush products and gift items. Teddy Bear in a Box, the company’s flagship product, is available in stuffed and unstuffed varieties and comes packaged in a one-of-a-kind box that turns into a teddy highchair. Ted E. Makers’ Make Your Own Stuffed Animal parties are a wonderfully creative at-home solution to kids’ birthday parties. For more information about Ted E. Makers and its products, visit or call 1-888-55-TEDDY.