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Johnny and the Sprites - Meet the Sprites

Johnny and the Sprites - Meet the Sprites DVD Release Date: March 18, 2008
Actors: Johnny & the Sprites
Studio: Walt Disney Studio Home Entertainment
Rating: G


Keep your eyes and ears open when you visit the enchanted woods of Grotto's Grove, 'cause you just might MEET THE SPRITES!

Invisible to everyone except Johnny -- and now, YOU! -- the wondrous Sprites are on Disney DVD for the first time ever, so you can enjoy their magical, musical adventures whenever you wish. Join Johnny and his newfound pals Basil, Lily, Ginger and little Root, as they laugh, play and learn important lessons that celebrate friendship, problem-solving and accepting others -- all accompanied by music so amazing, it's pure magic!

Overflowing with lovable characters and unforgettable songs, JOHNNY AND THE SPRITES keep fantastic fun in full bloom.

Bonus Features

    1. "Sing Along With Johnny And The Sprites"

    2. Original Shorts

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