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The Naked Brothers Band: Season 2 The Naked Brothers Band: Season 2

DVD Release Date: October 28, 2008
Rated: NR
Genre: Family, Music
Actors: Nat Wolff, Alex Wolffy
Studio: Nickelodeon Home Entertainment

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With brand-new songs, awesome new videos, and smashing new storylines, this entire Season 2 collection is your ticket to some of the best of The Naked Brothers Band yet! Join superstars Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff and the rest of the band as they prep and primp for one amazing tour that you won’t want to miss!

About the DVD:

Disc One:

  • Sidekicks (double-length episode)
    Chaos ensues when Rosalina ends up with pretty-boy Wade Killington as her prom date, and Nat gets stuck taking the ever snotty Patrice!
  • Great Trip
    David wins an all-expense paid trip to Kids’ Paradise and picks Nat to accompany him, leaving power-hungry Alex in charge of the band!
  • Three is Enough
    In need of a wingman, Cooper convinces Nat to ask Rosalina to double with him and Miss Scoggins.
  • Talk Show
    Nat freaks after receiving a harsh music review. Worse, he’s asked to interview the critic on “TLR”!
  • The Bar Mitzvah
    Alex and Mitchie, a pro skateboarder, switch places for a day. All is good, for a little while!
  • Uncle Miles
    Uncle Miles comes for a visit, and a battle of older brothers versus younger brothers begins!
Disc Two:
  • Everybody’s Cried at Least Once
    Final preparations before leaving on tour have everyone in the band totally stressed!
  • Cleveland
    Nat, Nat, Nat! The fans are always all about Nat! That is, until the band hits Cleveland.
  • The County Fair
    The band stops off at a County Fair disguised in some ridiculous outfits for some interesting fun and games!
  • Polar Bears (3-part movie)
    Nat reunites with an old female pal, sending Rosalina into a jealous frenzy! Meanwhile, Alex initiates an environmental movement to help save polar bears at the North Pole.
The Naked Brothers Band: Season 2 Special Features include:
  • Music Videos
  • I Don’t Want to Go to School
  • Mystery Girl
  • Changing
  • Everybody’s Cried
  • Body I Occupy
  • And Then There’s You
  • Long Burp Contest
  • Behind-the-Scenes Extras
  • Spoon Flicking
  • Making a Sandwich

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