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The Naked Brothers Band - The Movie The Naked Brothers Band

DVD Release Date: April 3, 2007
Rated: NR
Genre: Family, Music
Director: Polly Draper
Actors: Nat Wolff, Allie DiMeco, Alex Wolff, Jesse Draper, Michael Wolff
Studio: Paramount Home Video

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The Naked Brothers Band is a “mockumentary” that follows a world-famous kids' rock band as they struggle with superstardom, love, friendship, a band break up, and adolescence.

It stars two real-life brothers, Nat and Alex Wolff, and is inspired by the real-life band they started in pre-school. The cameras follow Nat and Alex through their concerts, their rehearsals, and their private lives as they deal with the growing pains of having friends, having a band and having your friends IN your band.

The movie will be the launching point for a brand new series that picks up where the film leaves off.

DVD Features:

  • Making of the movie
  • "Crazy Car" karaoke movie

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