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Pucca “Ninjas Love Noodles” and “Kung Fu Kisses”

Pucca “Ninjas Love Noodles” and “Kung Fu Kisses”

DVD Release Date: March 18, 2008
Run Time: 91 minutes
Format: Animated, Color, DVD-Video, Full Screen, NTSC
Rated: G
Studio: Shout! Factory

Pucca is an animated series by South Korean company Vooz Character Systems.It started as a series of online flash episodes called "Funny Love."

Pucca is the young daughter of Chinese noodles house owners and is hopelessly in love with the ninja Garu. He tries desperately to avoid Pucca's advances and usually does not return her affection. This results in high comedy as Pucca goes to great lengths to steal a kiss from Garu.

It airs daily in the Jetix block of Toon Disney with Digimon, Power Rangers, Lilo & Stitch and more. Pucca is perfect for boys and girls ages 7-13.

Shout! Factory, in conjunction with Jetix, is releasing two single DVDs simultaneously on March 18, each containing 13 episodes.

Pucca “Ninjas Love Noodles” and “Kung Fu Kisses”

PUCCA - Ninjas Love Noodles - A wonderfully weird mix of comedy, kung fu combat & kissing. Special features include a collection of Pucca bumpers. Also has limited-edition ninja license inside!

PUCCA - Kung Fu Kisses - An unexpected mix of martial arts, Chinese food and comedic quests in the pursuit of love. Special features include a link to a Pucca video game. Also includes a collectible sticker packed inside!

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