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Speed Racer Volume 5 Speed Racer

DVD Release Date: October 31, 2006
Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Lions Gate
Genres: Anime, Children, TV on DVD
Format: Full screen

About Speed Racer:
This fall, the Speed Racer DVD collection is completed, as Lionsgate presents the final volume of the popular anime television series, Speed Racer – Volume 5.

A must-have for all collectors and fans of Speed, Trixie and the rest of the gang, the release features the final eight episodes from the original “Speed Racer” television series, including “Motorcycle Apaches,” “Car with a Brain,” the two-part “Race Around the World” and more.

Join Speed in his turbo-charged Mach 5 as they go on exciting adventures to the Grand Prix, defeating colorful villains such as Mr. Free Load, the international spies and the infamous Racer X. Speed Racer – Volume 5 will be available on DVD on October 31st for the suggested retail price of $19.98 and will come packaged with a limited-edition mini metal license plate (limited time offer).

Watch and listen to the classic Speed Racer theme song!

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