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Meet Dylan and Cole Sprouse!

The "Kids' Turn Gang" asked Dylan and Cole Sprouse a few questions. Here they are, complete with answers.

Q: Has either or both of you ever appeared in anything which you were not permitted to watch? - Ari
A: No. Both my brother and I have seen the projects we've worked on. That's usually the best part about acting!

Q: Dylan: that Flying V you were playing in one of the episodes of Suite Life. Was that yours or a studio prop? If it was yours, how do you manage to play it without bruising your right forearm? - Robert
A: That was a prop that belonged to the show. I wish I had my own.

Q: Dylan is also being credited as Schwimmer's son on Friends. Some web sites state that was Cole's work alone. Which is it? Did both of you act on Friends? - Wendy
A: Cole: It was only me that played "Ben" on Friends. Dylan would have worked for me as a back-up if I was sick or I worked too many hours.

Q: On your web site it states, The Suite Life is the first time Dylan and Cole have performed opposite each other in separate roles. What about Just for Kicks? Were Dylan and Cole not playing opposite each other in that movie? - Wendy
A: Dylan: The Suite Life is the first television show that we played opposite each other and not the same character.

Q: Why is there a chicken in the show, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody? - Blossoms
A: Cole: I think you mean Dudley? He belongs to Esteban in one of the episodes. We actually used a real chicken to tape those scenes!

Q: Who was your biggest role model growing up? - Smily
A: Dylan & Cole: Our family, friends, and our Manager Josh.

Q: Cole, Do you still have the pet rock named Tim, from that horse episode? - Blossoms
A: Ha Ha. No. I wasn't allowed to keep the rock. Besides, people might think I was strange.

Q: Do they ever find it hard to get individual acting jobs when you are twins? Is there a lot of competition when it comes to that, between you? - Smily
A: Cole: There is no competition between my brother and I. Sometimes we work on projects together, and sometimes separately.

Q: Do you like to work together in your acting careers or would you prefer to be on different projects? What are your future plans? - Mandy
A: Dylan & Cole: We really like working together, but it would be fun to work on different projects. Our manager is working on several new projects for us in both TV and film.

Q: Do you have much "free" time, if so, what do you do in your "free time"? - Strawberry
A: Dylan & Cole: We do have free time and we mostly like to hang out with our friends and family. Oh yeah, and our puppy "Bubba". We love to play with him too.

Q: What is your favorite type of music, what bands do you like? - Strawberry
A: Dylan & Cole: We both like the same types of music like Weezer, System of a Down, Green Day.

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Thanks to the Kids' Turn Central regulars who posted questions in our forums and in chat. Special thanks to Dylan and Cole for taking the time to answer!

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