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Kids Turn Crafts and Projects

Who doesn't love making things. Here's some fun craft recipes plus ideas for specific holiday themed crafts and projects.

Featured Crafts:

  • Jeni's Quick Craft Ideas
    Thirty fun, easy craft ideas to keep kids busy when babysitting or just every day activities.

  • Crafts Online
    Web sites devoted to crafts for kids.

  • Craft Books for Kids
    Selection of craft books for kids from

  • Summer Craft of the Day
    A new summer craft idea every day!

  • Craft Recipes
    35 different craft recipes for all your crafting needs and a few just for fun.

  • More Craft Ideas:

  • Easter Egg Cubby House
    Printable cubby house to make and store your eggs!

  • Paper Mache Eggs and Bunnies
    Create fun eggs, bunnies and a Easter Piniata too!

  • Make an Easter Bonnet
    Three fun easy bonnet ideas.

  • Dye Easter Eggs
    Lots of ways to dye and decorate your Easter eggs.

  • Fun with Paper Mache
    It's a little messy but paper mache can be a lot of fun - several project ideas to get you started.

  • Valentine Sun Catchers
    Make a personalized Valentine Sun Catcher.

  • Valentine Craft Books
    A selection of Valentine craft idea books from

  • Hearts and Crafts
    Make these fun paper mache hearts and crafts.

  • Halloween Crafts
    A special selection of craft ideas just for Halloween.

  • Make a Scarecrow
    A fun Fall or Halloween craft.

  • Pressing Leaves
    Collect, press and create things with pressed fall leaves.

  • Fall Leaf Crafts
    Fun ideas and crafts to use up those fall leaves in your yard.

  • Thanksgiving Crafts
    Some of the best Thanksgiving crafts online.

  • Christmas Crafts
    Dozens of simple craft ideas and projects for the holidays.

  • Holiday Craft Books
    A selection of holiday theme craft books from

  • Gingerbread House
    Easy to make mini Gingerbread houses.

  • Christmas Crafts
    Mice, magnets and more fun for the holidays.

  • Paper Mache a Reindeer
    Easy steps to make this fun reindeer.

  • Making Wreaths
    Online resources for wreath making.

  • Snowman Poop
    Not as disgusting as it sounds.

  • Make a Gift Box
    Free template and instructions to create your own cool truck gift box, or toy.

  • Door Knob Hangers
    Print, clip and hang these fun, moody door knob hangers.

  • Grow a Sunflower
    Learn how you can plant a Sunflower. Project idea with card to print. Perfect gift idea for Moms.

  • Tye Dye Tips
    Getting started with Tye Dye.

  • Tye Dye Projects
    Basic tye dye projects and special projects too.

  • How to Make a Paper Cup
    So easy! Fold your own paper cup!

  • Burlap Gift Bags - ~new~
    The new fad! Make your own gift bag - very easy!

  • Pinocchio Marionette - ~new~
    Print and clip this fun easy craft.

  • Princess Bride Cubees
    Print, cut, fold!

  • Pirate Crafts
    Fun, easy, pirate theme craft ideas.

  • Pikachu Costume
    Make this fun Pokemon costume from paper mache.

  • National Craft Month
    March is National Craft month! Get started crafting now.

  • Tilano Fresco Tile Kit
    A fun way to create personalized "Fresco" tiles with your own photo or image.

  • Tilano Fresco Marble Magnet Kit
    Create personalized Marble Magnets!

  • Decorative Marble Coaster Kit
    Similar to the tile kit above, you can put your own photos or images on marble coasters. Very neat!

  • Tilano Fresco Chalk Blox Kit
    A really easy way to make cool message blocks! Perfect for gifts.

  • Get Crafty!
    Hands-On Creative Projects. Let the creative juices flow with these simple craft ideas. Step-by-step directions and photos of the crafts take the guesswork--and frustration--out of each activity. Families who've already made the crafts will clue you in on the best suited to various ages and crafting "styles."

  • Keyboard Cap Magnets
    Recycle your keyboard! Learn how to make keyboard cap magnets.

  • Get Crafty
    Book Review: 60 fun filled holiday craft ideas.

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