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Celebrate Earth Day
Earth Day Bunny

In 1970, Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin proclaimed April 22 to be "Earth Day," he helped give birth to a historic movement. Earth Day 1970 became the largest organized demonstration in US history. More than 20 million people participated in the event that gave birth to the modern environmental movement.

Today Earth Day is celebrated around the world with marches, rallies, concerts, festivals, street fairs, clean-ups, planting and other environmental events.

Kids can make a difference too!

Check with your school to see what events are being planned and get out and participate! Contact your local municipal office, library or community center to see if events are planned and join in!

Can't find an event or activity in your community? That doesn't mean you can't participate. There are many Earth Day web pages to help you get involved. Learn about recycling, composting, protecting our forests and wildlife and the simple things kids can do to help. Every little bit helps!

Learn how to Recycle and Reuse with our Tips page!

Have you ever thought about Composting? Learn some Composting Tips to get you started.

You can also learn to reduce consumption of every day products.

This Earth Day don't just learn the three R's - Do the three R's Find Out More

Check out WordGirl: Earth Day Girl - an exciting, new animated series that follows the adventures of a superhero who fights crime and enriches vocabulary usage all in a day’s work.

Pick up the new book Gaylord Nelson: Champion for our Earth - Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day with the Wisconsin Historical Society Press!

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