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Kids Turn Summer Fun

What are you doing this summer?
Enjoy these fun summer activities...

Crafts Crafts
A new craft every day.


Snacks Snacks
Try a new snack every day.


Games Games
Bored? Try a new activity.


Read Read
Curl up with a book


Read Clipart
Fun summer clipart.


Camping Camping
Let's go camping!


Camping Summer Jobs
Earn some cash.


Garden Garden
Get a green thumb.


Beach Beach
Fun at the beach!


Ice Cream Ice Cream
Mmmm ice cream!


Color Color
Free coloring sheets.


Online Site of the Day
Surf the Net.


Explore Explore
Go somewhere fun.


Sports Summer Sports
Learn a new sport.


Travel Travel Games
Don't be bored on your trip.


Travel Travel Tips
Be prepared on your trip.


Click on the links above for hours of fun this Summer

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The Ultimate Summer Brain Workout: Ten Tips to Keep Kids' Minds in Top Form


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