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Kids Turn Babysitting

Getting Started Babysitting

Babysitters are angels It sounds easy enough. You watch someone else's kids and you get paid. How hard can that be right?

Looking after someone else's children is a big reponsiblity. The parents of the children are trusting YOU with their children and that is something most parents don't do easily. It is up to you to take care of what the children need and most importantly to keep them safe. Are you ready for that?

Are you Old Enough?
In most places, there are no laws governing how old you have to legally be, to be allowed to babysit. However, in general, most parents will not leave their children with kids who are children themselves.

The age of a babysitter can vary from country to country, province to province and state to state. You can check with your local employment agencies to find out if there are laws about legal ages of babysitters where you live.

Most parents agree you should be 12 or older to babysit. Babysitting training courses may be offered through many agencies. Check with your school or local YWCA for courses in your community. These courses often offer babysitting certificates of completion, excellent advice and safety instructions. Many parents prefer a babysitter who has taken one of these courses.

A good babysitter is: mature, trustworthy, patience, safety-consciousness, organized, prepared, fun and punctual.

If you feel you have these qualities you may be cut out to babysit. Of course, you should also like, and enjoy being with children.

With your parent's permission, you can now start looking for a job babysitting. But how?

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