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Kids Turn Bandwidth Theft

Bandwidth Theft:

It is unfortunate that this topic must come up.

There are many people who think its OK to link to graphics or other files on someone else's server so they can use them on their own web page(s). This is considered bandwidth theft and anyone who steals someone else's bandwidth is a bandwidth thief.

Bandwidth: - data transferred from one computer to another.

Bandwidth Thief - anyone who 'steals' bandwidth from someone else's server.

Web sites are seldom free. I have to pay a company to host Kids' Turn Central for me. As a part of my contract, I'm limited to the amount of data transfer (or bandwidth) allowed per month. If I go over this limit, it cost me extra! Bandwidth theft becomes a problem when too many people link to files and images on someone else's server without permission.

While most images at Kids' Turn Central are free to use for non-commercial use, it is not ok to link to them. You must download to your own computer and/or server to use.

Stealing bandwidth is illegal. You can be sued if you are costing someone hundreds of dollars in Internet costs.

Please consider this when using graphics or files from Kids' Turn Central. It is very easy to detect bandwidth theft and where it is occuring. If it continues you will be contacted.

If you have any questions about use of graphics or files at Kids' Turn Central please contact me.

Thank you, enjoy your stay,
Wendy Hogan, Founder, Kids' Turn Central