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Easter Crafts Fun with Paper Mache

It's a bit messy and it takes a few days to complete a project but paper mache is an easy craft everyone can enjoy!

Despite the French sounding name, "papier mache" originated in China. Hundreds of years ago the Chinese made projects from it which they hardened with layers of lacquer.

It spread across the world and today you can make just about anything using paper mache.

The paper mache paste used is a simple combination of flour and water. Once cooled, strips of newspaper or newsprint are dipped into the paste and applied to a form.

The easiest form to use is a balloon but you can use bowls, plates or even a cardboard box. You can also make forms out of light wire into any shape and cover with paper mache.

You add two or three layers to your form, allow to dry and it's ready to paint or decorate!

Here are a few of the paper mache projects we have made at Kids' Turn Central:

Valentine Hearts

Easter Eggs/Bunnies

Bumpkin Pumpkin

Bob-ity Bat

Charlie Reindeer

Pikachu Costume

Use your imagination and create your own fun ideas with paper mache!

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