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100day.gif - 8.8 K
The Half Way Point of the School Year

For many if not most of you the 100th day of school marks the half way point of the school year. You've made it through the first half - the rest is a piece of cake!

Many schools celebrate the 100th Day with special activities centered around the 100 theme. Here are some suggestions on how YOU can celebrate too!

Ways to Mark the 100th Day

100day2.gif - 1.1 K First thing, get your school calender out and find the 100th day then mark a big red X or 100 on the day to celebrate!

100day2.gif - 1.1 K Count your Cheerios! Have 100 for breakfast that morning!!

100day2.gif - 1.1 K Brush your teeth - use 100 up and down brushes!

100day2.gif - 1.1 K Brush your hair - use 100 strokes too!

100day2.gif - 1.1 K On the way to school count 100 windows!

100day2.gif - 1.1 K See what 100 Jelly Beans looks like.

100day2.gif - 1.1 K Read 100 Days with Swimmy for activity ideas

100day2.gif - 1.1 K See 100 Things you can Do with a Pumpkin.

100day2.gif - 1.1 K Check out these great 100 Day of School activities from the Global Schoolhouse.

100day2.gif - 1.1 K Write a poem or story using only 100 words.

100day2.gif - 1.1 K See how fast you can type in 100 seconds.

100day2.gif - 1.1 K 100 Printables - things to print for the day.

100day2.gif - 1.1 K 100th Day of School Celebration - activities that teachers are celebrating with.

100day2.gif - 1.1 K One Hundred Days of School - More great ideas to celebrate the day.

100day2.gif - 1.1 K 100 Days of School Quilt - Find out how a class coloured 100 quilt patches to celebrate the day!

100day2.gif - 1.1 K Day 100 - lots of ways to celebrate 100 days.

100day2.gif - 1.1 K Teaching Heart's 100 Days of School - Ideas, lessons, printables, and more to use on your 100th day of school.

100day2.gif - 1.1 K 100th Day of School Coloring Sheets - Print and color 100 things!

100day2.gif - 1.1 K 100th Day Songs and Poems - Lyrics to some appropriate songs and poems.

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