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Kids Turn Halloween

Happy Crafting Halloween

Candy Container:

Here's a way to reuse and reduce trash and make a cool little bucket that would be perfect to put candy in!


    1. Yarn (black or orange or other Halloween colors)
    2. A box or container of any size (ice cream jug/pail or something else round)
    3. Craft glue, hot glue, or crazy glue
What to do:
    1. Clean out your container
    2. Take your container and wrap the yarn fully around the container then tie it in a firm knot
    3. Then wrap it around the container until it reaches the bottom.
    4. Use your glue source to fasten the end to the jar
    5. Make sure you arn't able to see any of the container
Now you are able to use your yarn container as a Trick-or-Treat basket. You can attach a handle or handles to make it easer to use.

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this fun idea!

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