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Happy Crafting Halloween

Happy Halloween

Lawn Spider

A fun decoration for your lawn.


  • 5 Large Black/Green plastic garbage bags
  • Clear packing tape (or any strong tape)
  • White construction paper (for eyes)
  • Old newspapers (for stuffing)
  • Scissors
General Instructions
  • Using one garbage bag, stuff with newspaper to make large, round shape. Close bottom using packing tape.
  • Take 4 garbage bags and cut in half down the middle of the long side. Tape sides cut closed. You will then have 8 strips with an open end. Stuff the open ends with newspaper half way. Twist the bag (for knee joint) then continue stuffing until full. Tape off end.
  • On round garbage bag, tape eyes cut from from white construction paper - or other white materials. Eyes can be decorated with permanent marker to make eyeballs or eyelashes.
  • Take your spider parts outside and assemble. You should have the body and 8 legs. Prop the legs up against the body, or tape to the body.

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