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Kids Turn Halloween

Happy Crafting Halloween

Happy Halloween

EzLaminator™ Halloween Ideas

Create fun, creepy or ghoulish projects that will last a life time with the Duck® brand ezLaminator. The ezLaminator protects your creepy creations from being tattered, torn, splattered or soaked. It features Xyron® technology that allows you to preserve and protect your important Halloween crafts by cold-laminating them.

exLaminator The compact design has no power cord to get tangled up and the cold lamination process saves time and eliminates safety precautions. It requires no electricity or batteries, so it is safe and easy to use for the entire family, including kids.

The ezLaminator is available at mass market and office product retailers such as WalMart, OfficeMax, and Staples. For more information or for a retailer near you, visit their web site.

Ideas You Can Create:

    Find an appropriate theme/design. Make several copies and color, decorate and laminate them as place mats.

    Pin the nose on the pumpkin. Laminate a pumpkin cutout and "nose" pieces. Hang pumpkin on wall and attach sticky tack to the back of each nose so children can easily stick them to the pumpkin. Perfect game for a spooktacular Halloween party!

    Draw and color Halloween items such as spiders, pumpkins and ghosts on construction paper. Laminate and hole-punch each piece and hang with string from a wire hanger to create a festive Halloween mobile. Perfect for hanging above porches during trick-or-treat time.

    Draw pumpkin faces onto construction paper, color and cut out. Turn them into pumpkin pins or magnets by laminating them and gluing pins or magnets to them. Also can be done with spider shapes. After laminating, glue on google eyes with an easy-to-use glue stick such as the Duck brand BOND-fast glue stick.

    Have your little princess decorate her own tiara for the big night. Measure her head around and cut a piece of paper the length of the tiara. Let your child decorate it as she pleases. Then laminate and glue on such items as gems and glitter. Staple to complete.

    Ghost bingo. Make bingo cards but use GHOST instead. Cut out small pumpkin shapes to use as chips. Laminate the cards and chips to be sure they will last throughout the years at all your Halloween parties

Happy Halloween Crafting!

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