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Happy Crafting Halloween

Happy Halloween

Milk Jug Heads

(Rated: EASY. Ages 2 to adult)
With this fun, LOW cost, craft you are only limited by your imagination!


  • 1- 1 gallon plastic milk jug
  • Acrylic craft paints (small children can use finger paints if desired) - colors optional
  • Craft paint brush
General Instructions
    With a little imagination you paint faces on your milk jug to form a ghoulish affect. (see photos for references)

    You can even paint one face on the front and another on the back (use the handle for part of the nose).

Ideas for Milk Jug Heads:
  • Space Alien (pictured)
  • Zombie (pictured)
  • Pumpkin head (Paint jug orange. Add black eyes, nose, & mouth)
  • Ghost head (Paint jug white. Add big black eyes, and a round mouth)
  • Scarecrow (Paint jug tan. Add a scarecrow face and add a straw hat on top)


  • Glue yarn on top for hair.
  • Place a hat on top
  • Instead of painted faces, paint entire jug your choice of color then cut out faces with construction paper and glue onto milk jug.
Use for centerpieces, or drop a Christmas light down inside them and place them outside to light them up at night. Drop a string down inside the jug then screw the lid on and you can hang them around the house; or cut holes through the lid to hang the string through.

Make one, make several. Its fun! Its EASY, and best all, it cost almost nothing to do!

This idea and photos submitted by Donna Dick - thanks!

Another idea submitted by Patrick (17) - Instead of painting one solid colour, you could add coloured water inside the jug. Paint a face on the outside. When the jug wiggles it will give a neat special effect.

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