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Kids Turn Easter

Supplies Easter Crafts - Step 1

Getting Started. Gather your supplies listed below.

What you Need:
  • Paper mache paste
  • Newspaper or newsprint cut in strips
  • Balloons [any size]
  • String
  • Craft paints
  • Paint brushes, scissors, glue
Dried forms Blow up various size balloons. Tie off end. Attach string to knotted end of balloon.

Cover each balloon with strips of newsprint dipped in cooled paper mache paste. Use several layers to make a stiffer form when dry. Cover entire balloon.

Hang newsprint covered balloons to dry. Be sure to use a drip cloth under balloons.

Paint a base coat Once dry, approximately 24 hours later, carefully pop balloon inside if still inflated. Remove broken balloon. You will have a small opening at one end of form. You may seal hole with more newsprint or keep open to stuff surprises inside your form and seal later.

Paint a base coat on each of your forms. Use any water based craft paint.

Use any Easter colors you wish. Allow base coat to dry completely before adding details.

Once base coat is dry you are ready to get creative! Here are three fun ideas to try. Extra size eggs, a bunny or an Easter Egg Piniata.

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