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Kids Turn Online Resources

Go for Gold! 2004

KT Teddy Goes to the Olympics
Print and color KT Teddy Olympic fun.

Olympic Summer Sports Clipart
KT Teddy is dressed up in all your favourtie Olympic summer sport uniforms.

Olympic Medal Winner Bears
Kt Teddy goes for gold!

Medal Tracker
Keep track of how many medals your country has won.

Olympic Trivia
How well do you know your Olympic trivia? Take these fun online quizes.

Athens 2004
Official site for the host city, Athens, Greece, info and updates.

Volleyball 2004
Resources and information on Volleyball in the 2004 games.

US Olympic Team
Find out how the US team is preparing for the 2004 Olympics.

Gold Medal Crafts
Make your own Olympic Gold Medals with this fun craft idea from Kids' Domain.

Make your Own Olympics
Can't get to the Olympics? Make your very own Olympics right at home with Family Crafts Guide Sherri Osborn.

Olympic Museum
Go on a tour of the past Olympics at this wonderful online museum.

Olympic Torch Concentration Puzzle
Click on the cards to find the matching pieces from Surfing the Net with Kids.

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