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Looking for Links April Fools

Portable Music Players Banned
Kids may have to ditch their favorite music players.

A Fool's Dinner
Do your kids balk when it comes to eating their peas and carrots? With this meal, they're in for a sweet surprise.

Skating Banned
Yikes! Worldwide ban on skating and boarding? No way!

April Fool's Cartoon Fun
Even Brownie the Bear isn't immune to having a joke played on him.

Godzilla in Canada?
April fools joke - or not?

New Web for Kids
Is it real or is it an April Fools prank? You decide.

Two Headed Dog?
Real or is it April Fools? You decide.

April Fools Pranks Galore
Classic pranks, food pranks, printable pranks and more from Family Fun!

April Fools' Day eCards - American Greetings
Online April Fools' Day cards for family and friends in many themes.

April Fools Cards
Send a gag email card to friends and family his April Fools.

April Fools' Day Cards
Select an Ecard to send for April Fools' from 1001 postcards.

April Fools' Day History and Traditions
The history and traditions of this holiday from Wilstar - as well as some 'foolish' quotes.

April Fools' Day Freebies
Freebies galore to play computer pranks on your friends - remember to use your best judgement these are intended for FUN only.

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