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Kids Turn Online Resources

Death and Dying Death
& Dying
Amanda the Panda
Provides support to children and grieving families. Variety of programs and services available.

Children's Grief
When someone you love passes away, grief is a normal feeling, one that kids feel too. Learn the steps to grief and mourning.

Children's Understanding of Death
List of age groups and how each age group may understand and comprehend what happens at death. Written for parents.

Fernside Activity Center
Ideas and activities to help you express how you feel after losing someone.

Has a Member of your Family Died?
An online pamplet to help you understand your feelings when you lose a family member. Programs are also available for support.

Kids Peace
The national center for grieving children. Offers videos, a magazine, and treatment programs.

Helping Children Cope with Death
A place to discuss and share different feelings associated with loss as well as activities and ideas to help you cope with your loss. Site is designed for kids.

Talking to Children About Death
Written for parents, this funeral home site explains the importance of communicating to kids about death.

The Grief of Children
The common symptoms of grief after the loss of a loved one and expressions of children's grief.

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