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Grow a carrotKTC Garden
Join the fun and watch the 2010 garden grow. Weekly reports posted on plants progress. Tips, resources and more.

Kids Garden Books
Selection of books from Amazon with kids and gardening as a theme.

Safe Gardening
Public interest web site featuring safe gardening tips and information. From the UK.

The Kids Garden
Contains over 50 articles all written by their team of experts with new articles each month. Wonderful projects and ideas to share with kids.

Kinder Garden
Fun in the garden with lots of kid ideas and projects.

Composting for Children
A scripted slide set takes you through the steps of composting - fast loading pages with nice pictures and information.

Give Water a Hand
A program of the University of Wisconsin - Environmental Resources Center that helps young people learn the importance of water and the environment.

Kids Gardening
The National Gardening Association (NGA), founded in 1973, is a nonprofit leader in plant-based education. The linked site is their section dedicated to children and gardening.

Gardening with Children
From the BBC, an indepth look at children and gardening. Lots to learn here.

My First Garden
From the University of Illinois, plan your garden or check out the gallery.

Great Plant Escape
Lots of fun from the University of Illinois - learn about plants while playing this fun game.

Grow a Sunflower House
Mom or Dad will have to help out but this project is lots of fun - check it out!

Plants: From Seed To Flower
Follow the fascinating natural process from seed to flower!


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