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Kids Turn Online Resources

Looking for Links Disability
and Diseases

Resources to help you learn about and understand the problems associated with scoliosis.

A Child's Guide to Epilepsy
Information, resources and first aid treatments. Written for kids to understand.

Acne Beat
Zits, Acne, Spots, Pimples we all get them. Join the Acne Beat band to learn more about acne and what you can do about it.

Brave Kids
Site is dedicated to helping children with chronic, life-threatening illnesses and disabilities.

Children with Diabetes
Talk to other kids with diabetes, learn how your parents feel about your disease or get tips on easier blood tests at this good site for kids with diabetes.

Headlice Org.
Getting headlice is not uncommon at all. Play some head games, check out the animations and learn how you can prevent headlice, and get rid of it too.

Learning About Allergies
Learn about allergies, why you might have them and how you can live with them.

Listen Up
A mother of a hearing impaired child created this page to help kids understand hearing loss - lots of good links to helpful info.

Orthodontic Information Page
Do you need or wear braces? A good site to learn about braces and how they help you.
An excellent site that allows you to explore why you might be shy or know someone who is shy. Lots of tips on building confidence and making friends.

Kids' Health Org. takes a look at this speech problem and what you can do to help your stuttering.

Youth HIV Org.
Important information about HIV and Aids.

Addiction and HIV Resource Guide
Good resource guide for these important topics.

LGBT-Friendly Addiction Treatment Guide
Treatment guide specifically for the LGBT community.

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