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February 29 LEAP Year - LEAP Day
Claiming to be the original Leap Day site featuring lots of links, the history of Leap Year plus interesting facts.

Leap Year Day
Site about people born on that extra day and how to deal with your birth day arriving on the calendar only every four years. Also have the LEAP THIS shop and the LEAPzine.

Leap Year/Leap Day
An explanation of Leap Year and what could happen with Y2K complications.

Leap Year
Detailed explanation of Leap Year from Science World.

Why Are Leap Years Used?
Easy to understand explanation of Leap Years and why it is used.

Leap Year Math Plan
A good math plan with a Leap Year theme.

Leap Year Cards
Send someone a Leap Year message.

Leap Year Books
Selected books from featuring Leap Year.

Leap Year at Kids' Turn Central | Link Central