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Manners, Safety and Diversity
Three new games to help kids learn while having fun!

12 Basic Table Manners
Advice from Dr. Dave and Dee. The twelve basic table manners you need to know.

Chinese Daily Manners
A look at the manners and etiquette of daily life in China.

Dog Travel Etiquette
You want to bring your dog somewhere? There's manners for that too!

Japanese Table Manners
A guide to the proper table manners in Japan.

Kids without manners - or parent who don't know the difference?
News article about modern day manners, or lack of them. Good advice and suggestions.

A game that lets kids teach themselves their own table manners (no more Mrs. Bad Guy for mom!), while enjoying social time with their families at dinner. Learn more about the game and how to purchase on the site.

M.I.P. - Minors in Possession of Bad Manners
A unique and humerous look at some situations and how you might deal with them. A Thinkquest project.

Manners 101
An age-by-age guide to teaching kids good manners and proper etiquette.

Manners for Kids
Quizzes, polls and books about your manners from Family Education.

Manners Matter
Great selection of manner tips -- from telephone manners to manners in and out of the home!

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