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Guitar Guide Dan Cross has a great site that features everything guitar - links, chat, newsletter and great features.

Don't Fret Productions
Interactive and helpful information about how to play the guitar or Bass guitar. Free online guitar tuner and interactive Chord Chart.

Kazoobie Page
This site is the front page for Rich Hubbard and his touring show - however there are lots of pages and links to information on the kazoo within this site so it's worth a surf.

Learn About Instruments
A good starting point to learn about different instruments - click on the instrument of your choice and it takes you to the instrument complete with history and definitions and sound bytes.

Online Piano Lessons
Free online piano lessons for the beginner - you will need Java to be able to use this site.

Piano on the NET
A good place to start when looking for piano information - lots of links to various piano sites.

Rolling Thunder: The Taiko Resource
This is a really good site to learn about the Japanese art of Drum playing.

Windplayer Online
The online version of the magazine popular amongst wind instrument players.

The Whistler
No instrument needed here! Use your natural talent to learn to whistle. CDs available. Site includes a lesson on how to whistle.

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