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Amy Lowe
Multi-award-winning singer, songwriter, and storyteller Amy Lowe. Listen to music samples on the site.

Anna Banana Band, The
When not busy on stage playing bass for renowned children's musician, David Weinstone, in his official Music for Aardvarks live touring band, Anna is playing in her fun new punky rock band for children from Brooklyn, NYC. Listen to the fun songs on her web site.

Anna Moo
"Anna Moo writes songs that make kids feel grown-up, and grown-ups feel like a kid." Award winning songwriter, recording artist and entertainer for children and families. Hear samples on the site.

Child Matters
Top-quality media company offering award-winning music, books and New Media for all ages.

Billy Gorilly
Join Billy Gorilly and the Candy Appletree Family for Sing-A-Song Day in the candy appletree woods. Fun filled kids music also includes a 24 page lyric booklet filled with pictures. Great for children, preschool age and up.

Buck Howdy
"Rootin' tootin' tunes for kids of all ages!" Music samples available to listen to -- check out the Fun Barn too!

Cherry Lane Music Company
An online print music catalog offering music sheets in a wide range of instrumentals.

CJs Children's Music
Kids music that is truly unique! CJ captures the basics of kids songs and takes them to the next level! Using music styles including pop, rock, funk, r&b, blues, disco, and country, CJ's music is truly a treat for children and big kids (adults)!

Danger Danger Dinosaur
Jurassic Joe and the Cretaceous Crew present a collection of songs for children of all ages, in a variety of musical styles. Singalong, dance, count, laugh and learn to the mesozoic sounds of Danger, Danger Dinosaur.

Erock for Kids
A kaleidoscope of Kids Rock, Kids Jazz and amusement for little ears and big hearts! Come on in! There's plenty of laughter, smiles and music.

Fire the Imagination
Fire the Imagination is Canadian Distributor for Jim Weiss' award-winning storytelling audio, Classical Kids and Mozart Effect CDs, World's Very Best Opera for Kids, Story of the World, and Robert Munsch audio. Great family entertainment for at home or in the car.

FlexiMusic turns your home PC into a complete music studio. FlexiMusic products to be fun, easy to use and economical. No matter what your experience level is, you can start editing and creating music on your PC.

Fun with Music
Ann Rachlin's unique storytelling style introduces kids to the wonderful world of classical music. Testimonials and catalogue available online.

Googol Power
Educational music for children and a fun site to practice math. Visit the Googol Power website for online music videos, games, worksheets, lessons, articles and contests. Googols of fun!

Green Flash Records
Featuring HAFA ADAI! Fun Songs From Guam and Around the World Album and other children's and Christian labels.

Happy Notes Music
Encourages young children to explore their imagination and creativity through music. Children learn basic musical concepts through unique, interactive musical experiences.

Imagine Songs
Wonderful, fun music CD from Joe Thompson. Read the lyrics online or listen to some of the songs.

Keith Munslow
A truly multi-talented performer who combines rock solid funky piano playing, soulful singing, hilarious stories, and lightning fast cartooning. Samples available online.

Kid Tunes Inc. - Galliump Music Series
Award-winning children's music by mother-daughter song team, Patricia Lou Harris and Terri Thurman Finck. The songs have multi-age appeal and represent a wide variety of music styles. Several songs won "Best Children's Song" for four years in Portland Songwriters' National Song Contest.

Kidz Musik
Pre-school educational company featuring artists - Mr. Joe and Carmen. Just released their first CD. Samples online.

Life Path Entertainment
Lifepathentertainment's goal is to produce extraordinary children's music with a difference: quality productions, using real instruments with professional musicians and child singers, not synthesized artificial music. The idea of combining great musicians with timeless children's music, producing quality recordings and using the internet to give children added hours of fun downloading the free online activity book makes Lifepathentertainment unique to the world of children's music.

Mark D. Pencil and Friends Present: Learning With Hip Hop
Have you ever wondered why children can learn every word to their favorite hit songs of today, but have difficulty remembering facts taught in school? Mark D. Pencil and his friends will make your children excited about learning using today's music.

Specializing in personalized childrens music, books and homemade baby bibs and blankets.

Re-Bop Records
A really fun site with music for all ages that really gets you moving - you can check out the selection or order online.

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
This company "believes the music with which our children are raised will influence them for the rest of their lives". A good selection of music to chose from.

Songs That Teach
Sara Jordan Publishing has produced over 3 dozen audio/book titles teaching math, grammar, phonics, history, health, safety, Spanish and French through fun songs and engaging activities.

Sparkling Productions
High quality family musical products and live shows. Juno nominated children's album of the year.

Summerland Music
Environmental themes are the highlight of this CD for kids with fun selection of songs kids will enjoy - lyrics are included and you can order online.

The Sunshine Road
Award-winning, family based musical group. David Verdosci, is the lead singer and songwriter for the Sunshine Road. Covering background vocals and percussion is his sister–in-law, Rhonda Mesenbourg. Their style is a mix of influences from Caribbean to 70’s pop rock. It’s a sound they refer as “A little bit of Sunshine and a little bit of rock and roll.”

The Singing Mongooses
Hawai'i's very own Singing Mongooses! Audio samples online.

Teacher and the Rockbots
Teacher and the Rockbots take elementary school subjects and turns them into really cool rock songs. It's great for younger kids that want to get ahead, older kids trying to get the hang of it or anyone that likes cool, funny rock music.

Teddy Bear Band
Besides the fact that it's so much FUN, the Teddy Bear Band performs with a very simple goal in mind: To entertain, inspire, and support children, families and educators. Started by an Early Childhood Teacher and a group of talented musicians (and dads) in 1985, the Teddy Bear Band now plays upwards of 350 shows per year, as well as providing resource materials and Early Childhood Workshops.

Twin Sisters Productions
With 26 audio/book titles and 6 CD-ROM titles that teach children basic facts through music this is a good resource to have. Subjects include math facts, phonics, early childhood, foreign language, safety, geography, science related subjects and more.

Uncle Brothers
Music for younger children, festivals, libraries, elementary school assembly programs, birthday parties, private events. Read the lyrics or buy the CDs right online.

Walt Disney Records
The latest productions from Walt Disney are included for review - as well as an archive of previous Disney hits.

Wee Bee Children's Music
Music for children including concerts for kids, award-winning CDs, and early childhood music development classes.

Wendy Flower
"Whether you're a fan of Wendy & Bonnie's "Genesis" album or familiar with Wendy's Bay Area children's music shows and classes, we hope you'll enjoy our new CD for families "Flower Power". " Lyrics and downloads available on site.

Wiggles N’ Tunes
Wigglin'..Singin'...Playin'...N'...MusicFun! It's Fun and Educational! It's Edutainment!

World Kids Press
This company has developed audiotape/coloring book packages designed to introduce the concept of foreign languages to children age 3 and up through fun with music, read-along, and coloring.

Youngheart Music
A division of Creative Teaching Press, this very fun site features artists like: Mr. Rogers, Sherri Lewis, Fred Penner, Al Simmons, Greg and Steve, and others.

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