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Looking for Links Science

Searchable encyclopedia containing easily digestible information about more than 500 fascinating marine creatures, from the acorn barnacle to the zebra shark, and many of them are accompanied by stunning photos as well. Licensed the content from an ocean encyclopedia by Dorling Kindersley, one of the world’s leading educational publishers.

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
Kids Corner - Learn about sea life, life under the sea and careers in marine biology.

Ocean Planet
The workings of our watery planet. Use the links to explore various parts of the online exhibit.

Planet Ocean
Everything about the ocean, from Discovery School.

Project Oceanology
Project Oceanology was formed in 1972 by a group of teachers and public school administrators from Southeastern Connecticut who recognized the potential and importance of the marine environment as an education resource. Learn more about what they are up to.

Marine Bio Org.
Find out about fascinating marine species, get involved in ocean conservation, explore dynamic research and daily marine life news.

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