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Kids Turn Online Resources

Looking for Links Public
Terrific site offering tips and information to all having to give a speech. Special section for kids too.
Although aimed at adults, this site offers good solid information on planning, writing and the delivery of a speech.

Effective Speech Writing
About Guide to 7-13 Educators helps you choose a theme and get started writing your speech.

The Art of Public Speaking
How do you speak naturally while all those people are watching you? This document covers hints and tips on public speaking and presentation skill, dealing with public speaking nerves and anxiety, public speaking skills and public speaking techniques, public speaking training

Art of Public Speaking
Site covers much more then just writing the speech. Everything from how to dress and present yourself to delivery and voice.

Public Speaking
Public speaking tips to become a better speaker and get rid of the fear of public speaking.

Clear Communications
Excellent free tips on public speaking along with programs and courses.

Public Speaking
Five modules that you can use along with your textbooks to learn about the process of public speaking and to help you prepare your speeches.

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