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Web Dolls/Bases

Note: Due to the nature of creating dolls from "naked" bases, some mild nudity is contained on some sites listed. Be sure to read terms of use of dolls and bases on all sites before using images or bases.

Cartoon Doll Emporium
New selection of Dylan and Cole Sprouse dolls - check them out! You can visit Cartoon Doll Emporium for their full collection.

Enchante Aluin
Another KT Kid's personal doll site. Check out Josie's creations.

My Carton Dolls
A huge doll site featuring hundreds of doll creations. Also features Doll Maker program and instruction.

Alexandra's Dolls
Selection of dolls to adopt and bases.

The Doll Palace
Everything dolls! Create your own, chat, contests, cards, and much more.

Huge site featuring dolls, doll making, bases, forums, chat and more.

Angel Creator
Simple, drag and drop cartoon angle maker.

AV Squad
Bases, facemaker and other doll information.

Camerz Dolls
Specializing in African American dolls and bases.

For more doll sites check out the list at DMOZ If you would like your doll site added here send a request to Kids' Turn Central

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