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Travel Games for Kids
Don't be bored on your next trip - play these fun travel games!
Travel Games for kids Color Match
Choose a color and watch out the window for objects of that particular color. Let's say you pick the color orange. Whenever you see an orange object, you say:, "I see an orange (object)!". Try to list ten objects before choosing a new color.
If two or more kids are in the car, you can compete to see who gets ten objects first, or you can cooperate to get ten objects together, with an adult keeping score.

Red Car/Yellow Car
Choose a color and watch for a car of that color. Whoever spots the right color car first calls out, "(Color) Car!" and then gets to choose a different color for the next car.

Alphabet Hunt
Using the alphabet, starting with A, watch out the window for road signs, billboards, store signs, etc. with the called out letter. Once you find an "A" move on to "B" and so on until you complete the alphabet. Then repeat!

Number Hunt
Similar to above but use numbers. Watch out the window for numbers from 1-9, in order.

Scavenger Hunt
This is a good game for long drives. Give child/children lists of things to watch for during the drive. Children can cooperate or compete to see who can find all the items on the lists.
The lists can be made up ahead of time or during the drive, and adjusted for the type of scenery and the age of the children.

Scavenger Hunt Examples:

  • Flashing red light
  • Bus
  • Sign in a foreign language
  • Dog
  • Grocery store
  • Railroad tracks
  • Playground
  • Billboard with child on it
  • Billboard with cat on it
  • Police officer

  • School
  • Flashing traffic light
  • Grocery store
  • Person on a bicycle
  • Statue
  • Church
  • Playground
  • Flower garden/snowman
  • Children
  • Pickup truck

  • Silo
  • Railroad tracks
  • Post office or school
  • Cows
  • Dirt road
  • Pond or lake
  • Tractor
  • A fence
  • Gas station
  • Horses

  • Tall building
  • Lake or pond
  • Person on a bicycle
  • Bridge
  • Red car
  • Animal
  • Truck
  • Stop sign
  • Store
  • Person wearing a hat
More Printable Lists

Travel Games for kids Tic Tac Toe
Print out lots of Tic Tac Toe sheets for everyone to play!

Cow count
Watch out the window for a field of cows. First person to spot the field of cows and call out the number of cows in the field, gets to keep the cows. [Guess the number of cows if you can't count them all]. Keep track of each persons cow count. For a twist, first person to see a cemetery announces "cow loss" and chooses a person to eliminate their cows. That person goes back down to zero. First person to see a church doubles their cows. [Cows got married]. First person to 500 cows wins!

License Plate Game
See how many different license plates you can find. Keep track of what states, provinces or countries you see plates from. The person who finds the most plates wins!

Animal Naming Game
You have to name an animal in alphabetical order. If a letter sounds like one, but really isn't, you do the real letter. For letters like q,x,y, you don't have to do, but you get an extra turn if you do.
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