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Pirate Crafts

Avast ye matey! Here's some fun, easy Pirate theme craft ideas:

  • Shrunken Heads - Make your own Pirate Shrunken Head.

  • Treasure Map: Make your own using our outline. Print and fill in the details about where your treasure is hiding. If you want to create your own simply take a piece of white paper and rip the edges for a jagged effect. Crumple up the paper into a ball. Unfold and soak the paper in tea or coffee. Allow to dry. Once dry you can draw on the details!

  • Treasure Chest: All you need for this easy craft is a small box with a lid. A shoe box works great (especially a hinged one). Cover your box with construction paper (glue it on), or paint with child-safe paints. Once your chest is covered you can decorate with paints or other embellishments. If your lid is not hinged, you can use a strong tape to hinge on the inside of the box. Don't forget to fill your treasure chest with gold coins!

  • Spyglass/Telescope: This one is very simple! All you need is a paper towel roll. You can paint the outside of the roll to look like a real spyglass or telescope. You can glue tissue paper to the end of paper roll if you wish.

  • Pirate Patch: Using black construction paper, cut out the shape of an eye patch. Poke a hole in each side of the eye patch. Tie a black shoe string to each hole. Make sure it's long enough to go around your head! For a sturdier eye patch you can use fabric.

  • Pirates Bandana: You can do this craft with a group of friends. Cut out white cotton fabric in 36"x36" squares (you may need larger size for larger heads). Make sure you have enough for each child. You can now Tye dye your bandana for a cool look. If tye dye is too messy for you, you can use any color cotton and have kids paint them with fabric paint.

  • Pirate Ship Flag: Another great activity for a group of friends. Cut out white cotton fabric in elongated triangle or rectangle shapes to form the flags. Have kids create their very own Pirate flag using fabric paints or fabric markers. If you use black fabric for your flag, be sure to have white fabric paint/markers or other light colors. When done you can mount your flag on a stick or dowel.

  • Pirate Ship: For this one you need an adult and a VERY large cardboard box. Refrigerator boxes work great. You can sometimes find them at furniture stores or large department stores in the appliance department. Once you have your box, have an adult cut off the top and shape the sides to form your ship. Avoid cutting corners as you'll need a strong ship. If the corners are weak you can reinforce them with duct tape. From the top that was cut off, you can have an adult cut out oars to paddle your ship. If you want a sail for your ship, a pillow case works great. Attach to a a long pole (a broom handle works) and place in the middle of your ship. You can push your pole into a piece of Styrofoam to help it stand. Now, get our your paints and paint and decorate your ship. Note: This ship will NOT float so keep your ship on land.

  • Door Knob Hanger: Here's one already done for you! Simply pick out one of our Pirate Door Knob Hangers and print, clip and hang on your door.

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