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All about animals Animals, Birds and Pets

All your favorite animals, birds and pets are covered.

Information, resources and links to online sites. Pet tributes, a visit to the zoo and much more for pet and animal lovers.  


  • Animal Index
    Descriptions and photos of over 30 different animals. Also includes quizes, resources and games about each animal.
  • How to Groom Your Dog ~new~
    Wash, Rinse and Repeat!
  • How to Look After Koi Carp ~new~
    Learn to raise Koi in your pond
  • Doggie Jobs
    The fire fighting Dalmatian isn’t the only working dog in town – there are many other types of heroic doggies, from the Seeing Eye dog to the St. Bernard Mountain Rescue ranger.
  • Penny's Heroic Dog Biscuit Recipe
    From Disney's Bolt!
  • Pet Costumes
    Check out the fun costumes for your pets.
  • Dog Clipart
    Fun dog clipart for your web pages.
  • Cat Clipart
    Add some cute cats to your web pages.
  • Coloring Pages
    Check out the different animal coloring pages available.
  • Keep your Dog Safe this Summer
    Our dog has an allergic reaction - read how we helped her.
  • Meet a Veterinarian
    Interview with Dr. Janet shares tips and information on becoming a Vet.
  • Spirit Bear Youth Coalition
    Learn about the Kermode bear and what is being done to help save it.
  • Keep your Dog Safe this Winter
    Safety tips for your dog in cold climates.
  • Don't Feed the Ducks
    They are awfully cute but it's not a good idea to feed wild ducks.
  • Let's Do the Zoo
    Join me on a virtual tour of a zoo. Lots of cute animal photos.
  • Wild and Exotic
    Should kids own exotic pets? Meet Elvis the Iguana.
  • NeoPets
    They aren't real but they are just like a pet - find out more.
  • Pet Loss
    Losing a pet is hard but there are ways to cope with your grief too.
  • Pet Tributes
    Kids' Turn Kids share their tributes to lost pets.
  • Fine Feathered Friends
    What would you do if a bird hit your window? Find out what you should do.
  • Sled Dog Racing
    What a cool sport! Learn about sled dog racing and check out the photos.
  • Animal Jigsaw Puzzles
    Put the animals back together with these fun animal puzzles.

    Online Resources:

  • Zoos
  • Exotic Pets
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Birds
  • Small Animals
  • Pet Care
  • Pet Loss
    For resources about individual wild animals check out the Animal Index

  • More Topics

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