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Sons of Destiny
Sons of Destiny (Saga of Darren Shan, Book 12)

Book 12 in the Darren Shan Saga
by Darren Shan
Publication: October 2006
Audience: Young Adult

Time seemed to collapse... There was a sharp stabbing sensation in my stomach... Steve crowed, "Now I have you! Now you're gonna die!"

Dead if he loses - damned if he wins. The time has finally come for Darren to face his archenemy, Steve Leopard. One of them will die. The other will become the Lord of the Shadows - and destroy the world.

Is the future written, or can Darren trick destiny?

The final book in the series doesn't disappoint. Just when you think you have things figured out, a surprise twist closes the story with an ending you may not have suspected.

If you haven't read the series yet, check out your local library for all of the books in the series. You can jump in with any book, as each are reviewed in the first chapter, however starting from Book 1, "A Living Nightmare" will give you the full story.

Want more? Darren Shan continues to write for young adults with new series on the go, find out everything on - watch for Cirque Du Freak, the movie, coming soon!

Book jacket cover with permission from Time Warner Trade Publishing

Cirque Du Freak
Cirque du Freak the Movie! Coming Soon!

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