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Tunnels of Blood
Cirque du Freak: Tunnels of Blood

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CIRQUE DU FREAK: Tunnels of Blood
Book 3 in the Darren Shan Saga
by Darren Shan
Publication: April 2002
Audience: Young Adult

"The smell of BLOOD is sickening. Hundreds of carcasses hang from silver hooks, stiff, shiny with frosty blood. I know they're just animals -- cows, pigs, sheep -- but I keep thinking they're human."

In book two of the series, The Vampire's Assistant, Darren delved deeper into the world of vampires. A horrifying accident ends with Darren drinking the blood of his friend Sam, vowing to carry his friends spirit with him.

We meet up with Darren again in Book 3 at Cirque Du Freak. Mr. Crepsley, Darren's keeper, a full vampire, has business he must attend to in a city. He takes Darren, and Darren's companion from Cirque Du Freak, Evra, the "snake-boy" with him.

By day, Darren and Evra enjoy being around humans again and doing human activities. Darren develops a close friendship with a girl his age named Debbie. Little did he know how much danger he would put Debbie in.

By night, Mr. Crepsley is taking care of his business in the city. Unfortunately when corpses drained of blood are reported on the news Darren and Evra are compelled to find out who did it. What they find is far scarier then even they imagined.

In Tunnels of Blood, Darren is again faced with decisions which will test his bonds of friendship and which could lead to horrifying consequences. The gripping plot continues. You won't put this book down until you are on the last page.

My 13-year-old son couldn't read this one fast enough and for days talked about the twists and turns throughout the book.

A must read for Darren Shan fans! If you haven't read the series yet, it's time you did.

Book jacket covers with permission from Time Warner Trade Publishing

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