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Why Write when you can Draw

Sometimes words just aren't enough. You need to draw a picture to get your point across, or explain something. Now you can do that in your email - with riteMail.

riteMail is a new email program that allows you to hand write and even draw in your emails.

You can use riteMail with any Java-enabled Web browser. You view and respond to riteMail messages with your own email program that supports HTML and Java. No special software is needed.

riteMail messages are sent back and forth using Parascript Pen & Internet's riteMail server. When you send a riteMail message from your computer, the software contacts the riteMail server and either lets registered users proceed or offers new users the opportunity to sign up.

riteMail There is a 30-day free trial registration, but you should ask your parents before you register for anything online. Once you test out riteMail you can purchase the program for an annual fee of $14.95 US.

You draw your pictures using your computer Mouse or a graphics tablet and pen.

The best way to learn to use riteMail is to jump in and have fun. It's easy to grasp and you'll find lots of uses for it.

Exchange math problems, play tic tac toe, draw out instructions for making a craft, or just doodle how you feel!

Give it a try today using the Quick Start Guide.


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