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Kids Turn Dinosaurs

Dino Find!

Dino tracks Imagine you are walking along, head down and what do you see? Dinosaur tracks! That is pretty much what happened to two young boys from British Columbia, Canada.

Daniel Helm (9) and Mark Turner (11) were tubing down rapids at Flatbed Creek in Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia this past August when they made a surprising find. Mark had fallen out of the tube so he and Daniel were walking back towards land when they both saw depressions in the ground. They looked at each other and said "dinosaur tracks".

They weren't sure at first they were dinosaur tracks, but thought it was a pretty good chance since they had seen dinosaur tracks in books.

They went home and immediately called paleontologists in the area who suggested they contact Rich McCrea, Canada's dinosaur track way expert and Ph D student at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton.

Dino print It was McCrea who confirmed the boys find. Later, telling the boys the prints were from "Ankylosaurus. A group of the armor dinosaur".

Daniel and Mark not only found tracks, but three bones were also uncovered. "We cannot believe it but there were bones found on the same layer of rock as the tracks, one of five of it's kind", the boys shared.

The bones were sent to the Fraser Fort George Regional Museum in Fort George, British Columbia, where they will be on display.

Despite their amazing find, Daniel and Mark "still live the lives we used to, but we are more recognized in this part of the world". They will be credited for their discovery.

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