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Kids Turn Poetry

Kids' Turn Central Poetry

Poems written and submitted by kids like you!

I'm staring out the wide blue sky
Thinking about all of the times that have gone by
My love was all for you
And you wasted it all on her
I've tried to get over the hard times
I've tried to deal with the pain
But it's to much to bare
Our love is Broken

ILoveDuckes (13)

Because of You
I'm wandering through these maze of flowers
Because my mind is racing
I can't you out of my mind
Feels like I'm gonna faint
But because of you I'm still awake

ILoveDuckes (13)

I can't get to sleep, I'm pacing in my mind.
Thoughts of you deepen
Can't get this feeling out of myself
It's torturing me while I feel so adventurous
What is this feeling??
I think it's Love

ILoveDuckes (13)

What is my room?
It's the smell of buttered popcorn
and kitty litter
and cheap body mist in ocean spray

There are quarters under my feet
and the carpet is rough with age
The walls carry someone else's nails

The light filters in through the blinds and the rug over them
my bulb is dimmed under the dirty light cover
The only light comes form my screen
and the glow in the dark stars that I got when I was 12.

Artifacts of mine litter the wooden walls
Paintings my mom and I have done or loved
my grandma's fans, my sister's poster
the splintered spot where I threw my shoe

There are two mirrors that reflect each other.

I sleep on my bed every night and can never seem to fit
I open my closet every morning and can never find what I'm looking for.
The carpet is grey, the walls are brown, the light is mud
I've lived here for two years and I still get disoriented
every time I open the door

My room is fragmented with little pieces of me
The rest are back in a little yellow room with stains on the carpet
And little animals all over the wallpaper with red marker in the corner
where I slept on the top bunk
and knew it was mine.

Harlequin (16), USA


Feel no pain,
Have no gain.
Pain is nothing to fear.

Keep on going,
Keep on showing
Effort throughout the year.

Win the race,
Set your own pace,
And do not overwork your gears.

Don't give up hope.
You're not at the end of your rope.
The path is clear.

Keep going on.
Go well past dawn,
and do not shed a tear.

Just visualize
That your amazing prize
Is drawing very near.

Feel the joy form the sun,
You're almost done.
See the finish line appear?

You crossed the finish line.
You made a record time.
The end is finally here.

You got up when you fell,
You ran the race very well.
Can you hear the people cheer?

Remember the race you've won.
Remember the race that is now done.
But, Always remember to persevere.

Ruby Camel (13), USA

The way it is
Is so beautiful
My life is bright like the sun
I wish I could run
I like to be
You and me
We play all day
It's so great to me
It's like a piece of paper
Running from the sands
Why my life is so bad
My life is like a picket fence
Running from here to there
Oh why is it not fair
To be left here
Away in the sand?
I like to be
A wishing star
Come from afar
To that big lamp in the sun

Jeni (21), USA

My World of Greens
I see a world of greens, green yellows, and yellow greens.
Sea greens dot the ocean floor, and blue greens cross the sky.
Lawn greens take the lower roads, while forest greens take the high.

I see a new year with spring greens, and pale greens shining through;
But soon the orchards will fill with olive greens
And the bush with hunter greens too.

I'll keep lime greens and pea greens on the table.
I'll put emerald and jade greens on my ear.
Honeydews on my walls will only pale the truth
Of the real green I'll always see near.

Calm (15), Canada

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