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Kids Turn Kids Music Review

Butterfingers The People we Know
Butterfingers! The People We Know

Children's Music CD
Artist Luther Wright & The Wrongs
Audience: Young Children

It's a little bit country, there's no rock 'n' roll, but it's a whole lot of fun!

Butterfingers! The People We Know is a compilation of fun, entertaining tracks for kids. It's not your standard fare of children's music. Luther Wright and the Wrong's - Luther and Dan Curtis along with Ryan Bol and assorted friends from Kingston, Ontario, Canada come up with eleven often hilarious tunes kids will be moving to in no time.

While all of the songs are written for children, the entire family will enjoy the humour and wit which includes a few references only grown-ups will get.

Our favourties include the silly "Uncle Pete" that reminds us of some of our own relatives, and "Jelly Belly" that will have little boys giggling over the use of the word "butt". The title track "The People I Know" inspires friendship and love to the people kids know in their real lives.

All of the tracks are short enough to keep kids attention spans, and the lyrics are easily picked up for singing along.

Lots of fun for the entire family from this Kingston, Ontario group of entertainers.

Available at Luther

Photo by, Copyright 2002 Tina Burke used with permission

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