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Walk by the Falls

Have you ever seen a waterfall?

A waterfall is a steep descent of water from a height. It is formed when a river flows swiftly near it's source and cuts through soft rocks, easier then through hard rocks. The hard rock is exposed where the water plunges, undercutting the rocks below. This erosion of the soft rock can create, over time, waterfalls.

Waterfalls were also created when glaciers eroded rock away while traveling downstream. When the the glacier melted a large valley was left. Waterfalls were then formed by the same type of erosion noted above.

I recently visited Kap Kig Iwan provincial park in Englehart, Ontario. The park's name "Kap Kig Iwan" (pronounced cap-ki-gee-wan) is a derivative from the Ojibway language. It roughly translates the words "water running over the edge," giving the impression of a river whose water are cascading over an escarpment.

The waterfall in the above photo is High Falls, located in the park. Although not a huge waterfall, the action of the Englehart river has "exposed more than two billion years of the earth's geology, visible in the walls and floors of the river valley". "The lowest layers are among the oldest rocks in the world. An intermediate level contains fossilized records of early life forms, and those toward the top show the effects of the last Ice Age."

If you get the opportunity, visit a waterfall near you. They are amazing to see, hear and watch.

Can't get to a waterfall near you? Go on a Virtual Tour of High Falls, or try these Waterfall Jigsaw Puzzles.

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