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5-Pin Bowling

Bowling Most of us have heard of bowling. A sport where you throw a big ball, down a lane and try to knock pins over.

You are probably familiar with 10-pin bowling. In Canada, one version of the game only has 5 pins and very small balls.

In 1908, Thomas F. Ryan, a Canadian, wanted a bowling game that was quicker to play and more gentile. He felt the balls were too big and heavy, and there were too many pins making the game too long. Ryan, developed a smaller ball and used only 5 pins in his version of the game.

The object of the game of 5-pin is the same as 10-pin, knock as many pins over as you can, using a ball rolled at the pins, however there are some differences.

The ball The ball used in 5-pin is much smaller then 10-pin and generally weighs about 3 pounds. They are about the size of a softball. There are no holes in the ball.

Like 10-pin, you can purchase your own custom designed balls or use the balls provided at the bowling alley.

Like the balls, the pins used in 5-pin bowling are smaller then 10-pin. They also have a rubber band around the lower half of the pin. There are only 5 pins to knock down as well.

Strike! Scoring is also different. Each pin is assigned a points value. The headpin is worth 5 points, the next two pins on each side are worth 3 points, and the outside pins are valued at 2 points each, for a total of 15 points.

Each bowler gets 3 balls per frame. Knocking all the pins down on your first ball is a strike, worth 15 points plus the value of your next 2 balls.

If you knock all the pins down with your second shot it is called a spare and is worth 15 points plus the value of your next ball.

Using your third shot to knock down the final pins is worth only 15 points.

A perfect games in 5-pin bowling is worth 450 points.

Bowling is a fun game that just about anybody can play. It's a great way for the family to get together and enjoy an afternoon. It's not difficult to learn and today most bowling centers have machines that handle all the scoring for you. All you have to do is throw the ball. Bowling centers also provide those spiffy bowling shoes you'll need to rent to play.

The Canadian version of 5-pin bowling is especially fun for kids who find it difficult to lift and toss a heavy 10-pin ball. Unfortunately, you'll have to come to Canada to play - the game is not known to be played anywhere else in the world.

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